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The Gray Pixel

Oblivion - Waterfront House Mod

This is a very simple game mod for Olivion. Since all of my characters have to spend quite a bit of time in the Waterfront Shack until they have enough gold to buy something nicer I thought it would be cool to give my characters a nicer place. Also since the shack is located on the Waterfront you don't really have any protection from bad weather or from some of the shady character lurking about. Now I know the Thieves Guild has guidelines to prevent members from stealing from one another, but not everyone is going to obey those guidelines. So my mod adds a hidden basement/cellar to the shack. You will find the entrance located under the stack of crates next to the fire place. As you can see from the pictures below the basement is very simple in layout and furnishings, but yet stylish enough to provide your character a nice home for quite a while.

This mod also cleans up the shack just a little. Personally I found the shack to be a bit too messy, so I straightened up a few things. Also I added some ambient light to brighten up the place. I kind of imagine the place to have quite a few cracked and warped wood planks so consequently a lot daylight is going to getting through. So in mind the place is that dark.

To the best of my knowledge this mod does not conflict with any other mods. Now if the mod makes changes to the interior or adds a basement then a conflict will arise.

Download KID_HouseWaterFront.esp

Imperial City Waterfront Shack Interior

Imperial City Waterfront Shack - Basement